Sharp insight, advanced thinking and vision, fearless audacity and boldness, is the magic weapon of our company which always dare to be the first, stand bravely at the forefront of the trend, face the difficult without giving up, stand forward and not proud of.
  -----Lijin Pavilion, the first real estate mansion project in ZhujiangNewtowm, was invested by us, leading the development boom in ZhujiangNewtowm.
  ------In 2002, when the prospects of Pazhou conference economy were still unclear, our company took the lead over other developers in acquiring the construction site of Guangzhou International Sourcing Center."Guangzhou International Sourcing Center" was set up on the east side of "Canton Fair", which opened a new chapter of Pazhou conference and exhibition economic development.
  -------In 2012, we had a sharp insight into the great development opportunity which the development of the western region bring to Xinjiang, and firstly put forward the idea of investing in the construction of "China and Central-Western Asia International Purchasing Base".
  Entering the new period of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, we will base on the Pazhou project of Guangzhou, and expand many new projects with foresight and broad prospects for development under the national strategic framework of "The Belt and Road" and "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area".
  The company will continue to be enterprising, aggressive enterprise spirit, effectively integrate various resources. With the innovation, green, coordination, opening, sharing development concept, we will lead all employees to move forward and never give up although difficulties along with us.
  Wehave broad mind and be full of daring!We are willing to attract talents from all over the world, create a bright future and share the brilliant achievements.