Red August decorating Carnival - all the way to go to the exhibition.

Red August decorating Carnival - all the way to go to the exhibition

As one of the most professional and influential household expositions in China, every Huaxia Fair has hundreds of first-line brands at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, providing consumers with one-stop, high-quality purchasing services for household building materials, bringing quality and affordable experience to consumers. In August this year, the Huaxia Fair will join hands with the brand of 800 waste heat door in the whole household industry chain, gathering more than 4000 merchants nationwide, and jointly strive to create the annual red August decoration carnival for consumers.
August 24-26, the 11th China Fair will be launched in Pazhou International Purchasing Center, gathering bathrooms, cabinets, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, household appliances, doors and windows, clothes racks, wall materials, floors, tiles, furniture, soft beds, sofas, decoration companies and hundreds of merchants, inviting you to "red August decoration carnival"!

800 factory direct selling expensive 1 yuan to pay 1000 yuan

Compared with the traditional storefront sales model, the Huaxia Fair omitted the intermediate layer of agency, directly give 10% - 15% profit to decoration owners. On April 1, 2018, the environmental protection tax was levied formally. The cost of the decoration market increased by 20% - 35%. The price of ceramic tile, bathroom, wooden door and other products is also rising. Owners with decoration needs should brighten their eyes when choosing home decoration products. The goods ratio is three. The Huaxia Fair with transparent channel and superior price is the only one that can choose. A more responsible choice for yourself and your new home.
And during the decoration Carnival in August, all exhibitors will be required to sign the brand authorization and price commitment to ensure high quality products, promising annual low prices. The transaction price of the products sold by the merchants (after all lottery and discount activities) is not higher than that of the official flagship stores on-line and off-line stores in the same city line under the same trading conditions, otherwise the difference will be compensated three times and the minimum compensation will be 1000 yuan. In order to ensure the rights and interests of consumers, the Huaxia Fair will not only sign the "Price Commitment" with the exhibitors, but also arrange an exclusive price secret visit group at the exhibition site, spot check the price, and find a case to deal with, to ensure the lowest price throughout the year.

Look at the exhibition
(spend less time, save more money).
Things must be done before exhibition.
Step one: free ticket collection before the exhibition.

Step two: free business coupons.

Step three: make an appointment to explode the money.

Step four: grab the privilege.

Step five: make an appointment for a new home for the whole people.

Step six: buy VIP platform voucher.

Step seven: August 24th -8 26, bring tickets to the Huaxia home fair!


If you don't do the strategy before the exhibition, you will be like Arno.

There are a lot of activities and lots of surprises at the exhibition.

1. Cash Draw: The owner pays a deposit of more than 2,000 yuan for a single order, and can draw a lottery at the lottery center, 200-4,999 yuan in cash, 100% winning the lottery.
The 2. chapter is the propriety of Proprietor: the owner can collect a gift of four merchants at the scene.
3. Inviting Friends: The owner of the order forwards the link to invite friends, after successful solicitation, can get 5-100 cash;
4. prize in kind: single order payment is less than 2000 yuan, 1 orders of exquisite physical gifts are ordered. (spot gold award and physical award can not be simultaneous participation)
The most important thing is, do you know Waise Lee?
I heard he is coming to Guangzhou Huaxia Home Fair.
In August 25th, CHEERS's first class Ambassador ambassador, Waise Lee, came to the scene.
I want to go onlookers!!!!


No, I'm going to take the strategy.
August 24th -26 days
Pazhou international procurement center
Buy whatever you want!!!