2018 autumn Guangzhou international ceramics, handicrafts, weaving and household products export fair

2018 autumn Guangzhou international ceramics,
Export trade fair for handicrafts, knitwear and household goods

Venue: Guangzhou international purchasing center exhibition hall (east side of Pazhou Exhibition Hall, B District)
Exhibition time: -27 October 21, 2018 (the same period of Canton Fair)
Sponsor: Guangzhou Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Exhibition liaison:
Xu Yang 18588821332
Zhang Liang 13728036156
Zhang Yueliang: 13822207786
Zhou Chuyin: 13533985884
Exhibition mailbox: cakhfair@163.com
First, exhibition positioning

CAWHfair Guangzhou International Ceramics, Crafts, Woven Goods and Household Goods Export Fair is held every year in April and October, in the same period with the Canton Fair and in the same region, which is the extension and supplement of the Canton Fair.
Guangzhou International Ceramics, Crafts, Knitted Goods and Household Goods Export Fair is committed to creating an export-oriented high-end export exhibition in the ceramic, handicrafts, knitted goods and home decoration industries, exhibited in a special museum area according to product categories. The exhibition has a professional purchaser invitation team. For 10 consecutive years, it has established a purchaser database, combined with outdoor, network, graphic, international exhibitions and other publicity and promotion methods, providing pre-exhibition, in-exhibition and post-exhibition three-stage buyer-seller demand matching services, enhancing exhibitors'exposure opportunities and promoting trade contacts in an all-round way. Special beer festival, free shuttle bus and other wonderful activities complement each other with the exhibition, providing buyers with a new leisure shopping experience.
Guangzhou International Export Fair of Ceramics, Crafts, Woven Goods and Household Appliances

Two, exhibition scope

Household ceramics: household kitchen and household ceramics, hotel kitchen and household ceramics, other kitchens and household ceramics, imitation ceramics, etc.
Process ceramics: art ceramics, ceramic handicrafts, gardening and garden ceramics.
Glass and crystal products: glassware, glass ornaments, glass daily necessities, crystal handicraft, other glass handicraft, etc.
Stainless steel products: household kitchen and stainless steel for daily use, hotel kitchen and stainless steel for daily use, other kitchens and stainless steel for daily use, etc.

Handicrafts and knitting products

Compiling handicrafts: Willow products, bamboo ware, woodware, straw woven fabrics, etc.
Resin craft products: animals, characters, cartoons, religion, scenery, festivals, garden water modeling, simulation, etc.
Iron crafts: rattan iron crafts;
Other arts and crafts: traditional handicrafts, business gifts, carved products, jewelry, paper products and packaging products;

Household products and decoration

Outdoor and horticultural: outdoor furniture, outdoor supplies, gardening decorations, gardening tools, flower seedlings, bonsai, stone carvings, etc.
Simulated Plants: Simulated Flowers, Dry/Artificial Flowers, Simulated Plant Wall, Ornamental Plants, Decorative Plants, Bonsai, etc.
Home decorations: decorative furniture, lighting, decorative candles, candlesticks and related products, paintings, picture frames, photo frames, calligraphy and painting, oil paintings, engraving, photo frames, craft frames, decorative mirrors, table supplies, doors and windows decoration, wall hanging decoration, etc.
Festivals, party supplies and decorations: Balloon Party supplies, party decorations and decorations; Christmas decorations, Easter supplies and decorations, Halloween supplies and decorations, other festival supplies and decorations;

Three, exhibition site photos

Four, five highlights and advantages of CAWHfair Exhibition

1. is not only limited to the global high quality passenger flow guarantee during the Canton Fair
Through the exclusive buyers registration group, we regularly push the exhibits list of exhibitors and invite global buyers to participate in the exhibition. Buyer inquiry visit services, interviews Pazhou Pavilions around the buyer representatives, procurement needs to obtain information to share with exhibitors.

2. Pazhou Exhibition Area D area, unparalleled position.

Beside the Canton Fair Area B, the subway Pazhou Station A exports 100 meters, convenient procurement, gathering global quality buyers, with the Canton Fair to share 300,000 overseas buyers, international trade customer resources.

3. complementarity with Canton Fair

The Guangzhou international procurement center's exhibition area exceeds 200 thousand square meters, reversing the insufficient area of Canton Fair.
4. high quality buyer service, create comfortable shopping environment for buyers.

(1) free shuttle bus, VIP business vehicle at any time.
(2) free beer festival drink, free coffee area leisure shopping;
(3) even if we did not come to the Guangzhou international procurement center, we also have part-time jobs.
The students collect the purchasing intention and push the exhibitors' product information to them.
(4) the International Chamber of Commerce strongly supports group procurement.
5. strong advertising campaign
(1) advertisement packaging at the exhibition site is evident in Pazhou area. During the Canton Fair, students will distribute advertisements for exhibition guides.
(2) advertisement for exhibition guide in Star Rooms Hotel and lobby in Guangzhou during the fair.
(3) in cooperation with 50 star rated hotels during the Canton Fair, hotels pick up buses to stop at the gates of the exhibition hall.
(4) During the CAWHfair exhibition, the exhibition will publish exhibition information on foreign industry websites, making full use of the advantages of the network to disseminate CAWHfair exhibition information.
Five. Purchasers' invitation and service
1. buyer positioning
Overseas Professional Purchasers (Import and Export Agents, Overseas Wholesalers, Retailers, Department Stores, Chain Store Supermarkets, etc.)
Domestic professional buyers (foreign companies purchasing agents in China, international trade companies, etc.)

2.Buyer's invitation

1) One-to-one, point-to-point invitations through e-mail, air mail and fax directly using the huge purchaser database resources.
2) Cooperate with overseas business associations, embassies in China and commercial counselors to organize overseas purchasing groups to purchase on-site.
3) cooperate with relevant network media and professional magazines at home and abroad to promote exhibition information through media strength.
4) outdoor advertising and subway advertising, attracting buyers of the spike.
5) cooperate with more than 50 star rated hotels, shuttle bus will directly send buyers to the exhibition doorway.
6) a hundred bilingual outdoor publicity guides will directly bring the buyers of Pazhou business circle to the exhibition.
7) to strengthen the packaging and marking of the exhibition hall, and attract buyers to go to the library independently.
8) provide differentiated value-added services for buyers and organize various procurement thematic activities to attract buyers to the library.


六、 交易会平面图

The 6th CAWHFair will be held on 21st October in Guangzhou International Sourcing Center. We are looking forward to your arrival.


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