Location advantage

The international purchasing center is located at the core of Pazhou Exhibition business circle in Guangzhou city. It is the largest single body exhibition hall in the country. It is the largest single body in the country. It is the largest single body of the National Exhibition Center of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (abbreviated as Canton Fair), seamless docking of the Canton Fair, the B District of Pazhou Pavilion, the Shangri-La hotel in the north, the East Xingang East Road and the East joint rhyme road Pazhou Bridge. The exhibition hall has an area of 20 thousand square meters. It owns 50 thousand square meters of outdoor South Square. Its own conditions are superior and the potential is great. Especially during the Canton Fair, the advantages are more obvious, and more than 1 million professional purchasers are shared.

Marketing advantage

The innovation model of professional market + professional exhibition hall makes the professional market scale, category and passenger flow infinitely extended; the 55 thousand square meters professional exhibition hall of the country holds professional exhibitions of different products around the fashion industry, constantly introducing various new products, attracting different buyers and buyers in the world, making the professional market on the scale The category and passenger flow have been greatly compensated.

Scale advantage

The first phase of the International Purchasing Center covers an area of 110,000 square meters with a planned total area of more than 330,000 square meters. It is divided into two districts, East and west. Short term exhibition hall (professional exhibition) area of 60 thousand square meters, the annual exhibition hall (professional market) area of 120 thousand square meters, outdoor square area of 50 thousand square meters, comprehensive supporting service area including supermarket type seafood restaurant area of 34 thousand square meters, storage and logistics center area of 20 thousand square meters, office area of 60 thousand square meters, with an area of 60 thousand square meters. There are 1500 parking spaces. The Guangzhou international purchasing center is an exhibition hall in the west, and the South Square is an outdoor exhibition area. The one floor and the negative one are used for professional exhibition, with an area of 25000 square meters, which can set up more than 1000 international standard booth, with an area of 40 thousand square meters, and can set up 1500 international standard booth.

Service advantage

The international purchasing center is determined to create an efficient exhibition service system at the core of the exhibition service commissioner. Every Commissioner provides a dedicated one-stop service to the exhibition to ensure that the exhibitors, spectators and purchasers are at home.

The international procurement center is an international sourcing center invested by Guangzhou Guangzhou Expo exhibition company under the Yin Yi group. Its total building area is 550 thousand square meters. It is the core of Pazhou Convention and Exhibition circle. It is close to the Guangzhou Fair with the "first exhibition of China". It is adjacent to the Shangri-La Hotel. It is both the headquarters base of international trade fair and the headquarters base of the International Chamber of commerce. It is the commercial base of the exhibition office building and trade in the import and export enterprises.