According to the market pay survey data and the characteristics of the enterprise industry, we should establish a competitive system for the outside world, and establish a fair salary system to determine the remuneration level of the enterprises. The salary system of post salary + performance appraisal is implemented in the enterprise, which combines the employees' income with the accomplishment of the business objectives and the performance appraisal, and fully embodies the incentive mechanism of the enterprise.
Salary structure:
Job salary plus performance bonus
Benefits and benefits:
★Social insurance: pay five risks one gold.
★Traffic subsidy: give certain subsidy to employee's trip.
★Accommodation allowance: provide free work meals for staff and provide free accommodation for special positions.
★Paid vacation: annual annual leave with pay.
★Holiday benefits: traditional festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, etc., provide corresponding benefits for employees.