Talent development, meritocracy, make the best use of talents" are Yinyi Group’s employment purposes. “Use talents, develop talents” are the employment principle of Yinyi Group. As long as you believe that you were a talented, virtuous and capable man, board space for development and a stage for display talent will be provided and set up for you in Yinyi.。
  Yinyi attach great importance to the training of employees, the importance of staff training and career development planning; respect for employees’ personal development planning, design individual career development route for employees to encourage their employees to become a real Yinyis. In particular to strengthen the training and development of professional managers and business backbones, comprehensively improve the high-level talents’ literacy.
  Yinyi Corporate developed senior talent reserve program, training systems and the standard of senior personnel. Through a various types of job training, Yinyi made greater efforts to cultivate the high-level and versatile talents step by step in a planned way.